Our Products

Live Cooking & Buffet

Experience the art of live cooking and buffet presentation like never before with our modular products. Our innovative solutions are crafted to meet the diverse needs of any culinary setting, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. With customizable tables, high-end cooking equipment, and smart storage features, our offerings seamlessly adapt to a wide variety of setups, including buffet, live cooking, dessert counters, and bar setups. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, Meveca’s Live Cooking and Buffet products ensure reliability and performance, allowing you to create unparalleled dining experiences with ease.

F& B Trolleys

Effortlessly elevate your food and beverage service with Meveca’s range of stylish and functional trolleys. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our trolleys blend seamlessly into any environment while enhancing the efficiency and elegance of service. From room service to banquet setups, our trolleys are the perfect complement to any culinary experience, delivering both practicality and sophistication in every service.


Set the stage for memorable events with Meveca’s pre-function solutions. From sleek cocktail bars to versatile buffet setups, our pre-function offerings are designed to create the perfect ambiance for guests to mingle and socialize. With a focus on style, functionality, and adaptability, Meveca’s pre-function solutions ensure that every event begins with a touch of sophistication and a dash of excitement.

Meetings & Conferences

Transform meetings and conferences into unforgettable experiences with Meveca’s tailored solutions. From sleek coffee stations to versatile meeting room setups, our offerings are designed to enhance productivity and engagement while providing the utmost comfort and convenience for attendees. With Meveca, meetings become more than just business; they become opportunities for inspiration, collaboration, and success.

Banquets & Events

Make every banquet and event a masterpiece with Meveca’s comprehensive solutions. From stylish tables and unique chairs to sleek cocktail bars and versatile buffet setups, we provide a full range of banquet equipment that ensures your operation runs smoothly and efficiently, every day. Our offerings, including conference tables and stackable chairs, are designed with custom features and smart storage solutions, allowing you to effortlessly create memorable experiences for your guests. With Meveca, you’ll never cease to amaze your guests, thanks to our commitment to custom design, functionality, and innovation.