Our Services

F&B Services

Our deep knowledge of the Food and Beverage industry adds exceptional value. Our extensive win-win relationships with senior experts in the industry offers our customers a turnkey resource to plan and execute the most complex F&B project.

Project Identification

We provide you with tailored consultation alongside professional inspection to help you identify the most strategic solution when developing your F&B system, ensuring a safe and efficient environment.

Design and build

Our experienced designers help you define the perfect kitchen layout including space planning and interior design. Our team then bring your project to life, taking care of all aspects from planning to execution.

Installation and training

We offer our support during and after installations, ensuring that operators are knowledgeable on how to properly run equipment. Our team will instruct employees on how to operate your F&B equipment and discover how to take full advantage of all the technologies available.

Advisory and Consulting

Organizational Change

The current world economic crisis and conditions have heightened awareness of the need for change. Organizations, voluntarily or involuntarily, are being challenged to change in order to survive and develop. Thanks to our extensive consulting knowledge, we can help you focus on what is truly important for a successful organizational change.


Increasingly, environmental considerations are becoming a priority. More operators and restaurateurs want to save water and energy to reduce costs and support green initiatives. Meveca can consult on how to effectively lower costs and impact on the planet. Little things like lighting, wall surfaces, and numerous other details can make the difference in a project.


In response to the many challenges and the long road ahead until hotels, restaurants and global tourism recover from the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, Meveca and Senior Expert in the industry have come together to provide perspective, actionable business intelligence, as well as much needed hope to encourage the industry in these trying times.